This sweet one year old Australian Shepherd/Pyrenees was found outside of someone’s apartment crying and it was noted that she had some mobility issue.

The finder couldn’t afford to help her and feared the shelter with euthanize her so they reached out to us!

Her back legs are in a locked position so she needs assistance to stand if on tile or wood floors but gets around just find once up on her feet!!

She can get herself up with traction with carpet or grass. She walks with a wobble but is in no pain and is a very happy girl!! (her tail is always wagging!)

Also, she is fully house trained She is fantastic about pottying outside and will let you know when she needs to go out, no issue what so ever!

We have done x-rays and our vet think that she has a birth defect and her knees are locked but she can walk once standing.

She is as sweet as can be and a gentle and kind soul. Annie has the most beautiful blue eyes. She loves other dogs!!

She now has a Radioflyer wagon and loves to go for rides. She does have a new customized wheelchair but she doesn’t use it because she gets around just fine on her own!!