fosterFostering saves lives!!!

Without your help, we cannot help these dogs & cats!

We want your experience with fostering to be a good one, and we’re here to help in any way we can.

Mini Mutts Animal Rescue is a non-profit volunteer-based group created to save dogs & cats from euthanasia. We are all volunteers, including you!!

We’ve saved these dogs & cats from the streets or a shelter environment. We may not know a lot about them, except that their life was in jeopardy and we wanted to help them just like you.

Our goal is to get them vetted as soon as possible. It can be common for some dogs to come down with kennel cough from their stressful time in the shelter. It’s like having a human cold. It can be contagious to other dogs but usually goes away on its own or we can provide some medication.

We can help with crates, vet care, transportation, and advice on any medical or behavioral issues to help you and your foster dog or cat transition until they find their forever homes!

Take a chance!!! Save a life!!!